PRP plasma treatment (platelet rich plasma) with the power of your own blood, reduce the vitality of your skin.

Wat is PRP plasma?

PRP stands for Pictures Rich Plasma, sometimes also known as Platelet Rich Plasma. Manufacturer Regenlab from Switzerland has developed this innovative treatment, in which a skin rejuvenating treatment is carried out with your own blo

Hoe werkt PRP Plaatjes Rijk Plasma?

od. The doctor takes a small amount of blood. Depending on the treatment, these are one or more tubes. The doctor places the blood in a special centrifuge. The centrifuge ensures that the plasma (the PRP) is separated from the other blood cells. In this plasma there are active growth factors that have a healing, rejuvenating effect on the skin. The plasma is used to inject into the skin. For this, the doctor uses a very thin needle and brings the plasma superficially into the skin.

The growth factors in the plasma stimulate hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin in the skin. Collagen in particular provides firmness and therefore works preventively against skin aging. You get radiant, tighter skin. Because your own blood is used, some clinics also call it the 'vampire facelift'. We us

Toepassingen van PRP Plaatjes Rijk Plasma

e PRP for skin enhancement of your face, neck, cleavage and hands. It is ideal for volume recovery of the skin and the treatment of finer wrinkles. In doing so, an overall skin improvement can be achieved with mesotherapy, in which multiple, superficial injections are given.

Is PRP Plaatjes Rijk Plasma veilig?

The treatment is virtually painless, safe and fast. Because you are treated with your own blood, the risk of infection is very small. In addition, many patients like that no chemical or toxins are injected into their skin, but their own blood. The skin impro

Het Resultaat

vement is already noticeable after one treatment. The main effect of a PRP treatment is the production of new collagen fibres of the 'type I'. This type of collagen is responsible for maintaining a natural elasticity of the skin. As you age, the decrease in collagen type I causes the appearance of fine lines and deeper wrinkles. The treatment with PRP activates and regenerates the skin, making it smoother, firmer and better hydrated. The re

Drie behandelingen voor optimaal resultaat

sult is not immediately visible, collagen production takes time. But after the treatment, the growth factors get started and do their job. This effect lasts about four to eight weeks, after which the second treatment takes place. We recommend to undergo about three treatments with intermediate poses for optimal results. Then the effect is visible for about a year. If you come back once a year, you maintain the effect. Of course, we can't stop time and skin aging also depends on other factors, such as your lifestyle (smoking, stress, etc.). The trea


tment gives little chance of side effects. As with most injectables, there is a risk of swelling, redness or bruise after treatment. However, they quickly move away. Treatment is not suitable for patients with blood diseases, such as clotting problems. P

Hoe lang blijft het resultaat van de PRP behandeling aanwezig?

RP plasma gives skin improvement. After three treatments it stays for a year,

Is een PRP behandeling eng, griezelig of gevaarlijk?

absolutely not. In the clinical setting of our private clinic we take the blood from you and separate the platelets from the blood with a centrifuge. This takes 5 minutes, after which we put the PRP in the skin with a m

Prijzen van PRP Plaatjes Rijk Plasma

esogun.- The price of a PRP treatment depends on the amount of skin aging. From €350

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