Over Neostrata® Fruitzuur Peeling

Glycolic acid peeling is a special skin-renewing technique. During such a peel, highly concentrated glycolic acid is applied to the skin for a short period of time, after which the treatment is stopped by chemically neutralizing the glycolic acid.

This treatment causes a keratolysche effect: dead skin cells are removed and blackheads (comedones) are removed. The celtrun-over is stimulated and the deeper layers of the skin are restructured. A glycolic acid peel is recommended to make the skin smoother, healthier, firmer and more compact and to make the pigmentation evener.

For a Neostrata Fruit acid peel you can come to us in Rotterdam. Make an appointment free of charge for a consultation.1) Ac

Voor welke problemen

ne scars/oily skin with a tendency to acne
2) Acne with comedones
3) Premature skin aging/skin damaged by ultraviolet rays
4) Dry, vale, dehydrated skin
5) Fine lines and wrinkles
6) Hyperpigmentation (brown s

Het 3 stappenplan voor een optimaal resultaat

pots)1) For every peel: skin preparation
Prepare your skin 2 weeks before each peeling session with NeoStrata products with low-dose AHA (fruit acids).
Cleaning: morning and evening with NeoStrata Cleanser or Clarifying Cleanser
Preparation and care: in the evening a NeoStrata cream, gel or lotion, recommended by your doctor

2) The NeoStrata peeling at your doctor
NeoStrata peels are in various AHA concentrations: 20%, 35%, 50%, 70% and the High Potency Peel. The peels can be reinforced with the NeoStrata Peel Booster Pads. Your doctor knows which peel is most suitable for you. You should count on 5 to 6 peeling sessions with an interval of 2 to 3 weeks.

3) After every peel: restorative and calming care
After each peel, you will have the NeoStrata Bionic cream in the morning and evening. 3 days after your peeling, you will resume your preparation routine. Simultaneous use of a protective sun cream is recommended. All NeoStrata home care products are available at Natural Beauty Clinic.A N

Prijzen van Neostrata® Fruitzuur Peeling

eostrata® Fruit acid Peeling starts at €70,-.

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