Skin firming and lifts with soluble sutures.


With soluble sutures, the face and neck can be lifted. These threads can also be applied to the body, such as the cleavage, upper arms, abdomen, etc. Wherever skin sagging exists, the threads can basically be used. With the


help of a thin hypodermic needle, a PDO thread is placed under the skin. Once the PDO thread is placed, the needle is removed and the thread remains under the skin. The wire is not visible because it is placed in the subcutaneous tissue. After 6 months, a PDO thread is completely dissolved. During the dissoluting of the thread, collagen forms in the tissue around the thread. The collagen strengthens the skin and a lifting effectPDO thread


s have been used for many years within regular surgery, gynecology and ophthalmology and considered completely safe. Beca

De behandeling

use the treatment is almost painless, anesthesia is not necessary. If desired, a numbing cream can be applied.

A very thin needle with a soluble thread in it is put under the skin and then removed again. The PDO thread stays under the skin. 10 to 30 threads are used per treatment. The treatment takes about 20 minutes. Afte


r treatment, you will see an equal improvement. The skin of the cleavage becomes firmer, fuller, lines and wrinkles become less visible. The PDO wires give the effect of a volume improvement. You may see slightly less results a few days after treatment than immediately after treatment, the swelling has then decreased. After 6 weeks, sufficient collagen is generally produced to make the result optimal.

The effect of this treatment is in principle long-lasting. Collagen stimulation and the "shrinking" of subcutaneous structures create a solid reinforcement of the treated area. However, the aging process continues and new lines may emerge. If desired, an additional treatment may take place to soften new aging signs. After th

Na de behandeling

e treatment you can go straight home. You can resume all your daily activities right away. After 6 weeks, enough collagen is often created to be able to assess the result and a check appointment follows. If you want more effect and when it is medically sound, the doctor may decide to install more PDO wires. Combinations with peels for skin improvement and/or injectables for getting rid of lines are quite po


ssible. The main side effects of this treatment are temporary redness, swelling and/or a bruise. Also, the treated area can be temporarily sensitive especially with intensive strength training of the upper body. These phenomena are temporary in nature and disappear naturally over the course of a numbe

Wanneer geen PDO-draden behandeling?

r of days. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, use of anticoagulant medication, skin damage in the area to be treated and active skin conditions in the area to be

Prijzen van PDO Draadlift

treated. We use different techniques for different applications. A PDO Wire treatment can start at €125,-.

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