The Facelift Without Surgery, Facelift Without Cutting or Liquid Facelift Without Surgery!

Wat is Liquid Facelift?

The liquid facelift is a full face treatment with injectables where the filler 'Radiesse' (and in some cases hyaluronic acid) is used to reduce the volume to places where the aging process has caused volume loss. With normal aging, the face is subject to all kinds of processes and this results in an older appearance. The skin becomes thinner and slacker due to loss of collagen and elastin fibers. Under the skin we lose volume in fat, muscle and even bone tissue. This changes the anatomy of the face. The liquid facelift corrects these changes in the anatomy of the face and brings back the balance of the face. This gives you a very true nature, fresher and more youthful appearance as a resul

Hoe werkt een liquid Facelift?

t. With the Filler Radiesse which is inserted with a certain injection technique, volume is returned to the places where it is reduced and the skin is strengthened. One of the main features of Radiesse is that it stimulates the skin to activate its own collagen production. This makes the skin firmer and thicker and so the skin will feel younger and stronger. By applying volume to specific places that have lost volume over time, the face will look younger again.

Unlike the usual facelift, where part of the skin is cut away to create a lifting effect, the liquid facelift uses volume recovery to get a lifting effect. A facelift without cutting, without surge

Wie komen er in aanmerking voor een Liquid Facelift?

ry! You are eligible for a liquid facelift if the skin sagging is not too bad. Sometimes it is necessary to undergo a surgical facelift. During a free and non-committal intake interview, the doctor of Natural Beauty Clinic will see what is the best treatment for you. If the skin quality is not sufficient for a liquid facelift (e.g. by smoking, sun damage) we first recommend treatments that improve skin quality (Obagi/Blue Peel). New d

Wat zijn de bijwerkingen?

evelopments make it possible to perform a large part and sometimes the entire liquid facelfit with cannuals (blunt needles). The advantage of a cannula over a hypodermic needle is that you can't get bruises. Especially in the area of the cheeks this is important, because there are many blood vessels here. Possible temporary side effects include: redness, slight swelling and tenderness in the treated area. During the intake interview, this aspect of the treatment will be discussed with you

Wat is de duurzaamheid?

again. The durability of a liquid facelift is on average 12

Wat zijn de kosten?

months. Depending on which part is lifted and the degree of skin sagging, the cost is from € 750,– including result guarantee.

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